The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: Statue Shock

Halloween Half-Pagers Statue Shock

When Drake got the strange little statue as a gift, he proudly displayed it on his desk. It was a squat little bugger with a wide face and tiny body, with its mouth being its most prominent feature. The eyes were strange, small and squinting, and red. He was told that it was a Zu-Zu figurine from the East Indies Islands, but when he searched it on the Internet, he found nothing about it.

Every day as Drake sat as his desk, he could see the statue staring at him, its bright red eyes glaring, and after a while, Drake began to feel unnerved. Eventually he turned the statue to face the opposite direction hoping for relief, but then he noticed something strange about its back, there were two red dots on it. Looking closely at it, he could see two squinting eyes. Shocked, he knocked it over, and even underneath its base there were eyes. That was too much for Drake, he un-ceremonially dumped the statue into the trash and left for the day. On the way home driving in the rain, he saw red eyes everywhere in front of him. Panicked he hit the accelerator, and slammed into the car ahead of him. Before he blacked out, he saw that the red eyes were actually the brake lights of cars ahead of him. Was the statue actually trying to warn him? That was his last thought.

….John Kohlbrenner……