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Halloween Bonus Treat #2.5

My 70’s Halloween Monster Toys & Stuff wallpaper is back with a vengeance, even more 70’s accurate.   ……….Professor Grimmgraves..    

Halloween Bonus Treat #3

Here is a 70’s Superhero toys and stuff wallpaper. I know it’s not very Halloween, but there are costumes in it and superheroes have become very popular during the holiday. They even have their own I aisle in most costume stores, so watch out monster! Since this is superheroes week in these haunted halls and […]

Iron Man 3 A Halloween Review

  I’m trying something new with my blog. Liven up the old spirits with movies reviews from a Halloween point of view. First up is the movie Iron Man 3. While the movie (SPOILER HERE) doesn’t take place in October or even on Halloween, there are many elements in the film that have similarities with […]

The Nighmare After Halloween

This is the story of a Halloween nightmare that happened on Christmas.   It was a nightmare before Christmas when all through the crypt, Not one of the dead had yet risen, not even one bit. Ghosts floated silently anxious to cause a scare, Hoping that Jack would frighten with flare. The victims waited at […]

Halloween Bonus Treat #2

Here is a monstrously cool 70’s toys Halloween monster filled wallpaper. I hope this scares up some old monsters memories. Just click to enjoy.   ……….Professor Grimmgraves..

A Halloween Factoid Me and My Mummy

Here is some Halloween info for all you mummies out there…   Wrapped in cloth, a bandage like shroud, Shambles a creepy fellow that would make any ghoul proud. Here comes the Mummy strong and old, Hidden since ancient times but still very bold. Born of a curse and imprisoned in a tomb, When freed […]

Closed For Halloween

The store was closed on the night of Halloween, But its window decorations made quite a scene. Full of ghosts, skeletons, and witches galore, Turned the place into a frightening store. For the reason the shop was not open that night, There were monsters in there, hidden from sight. The images on the window were not decorations on […]

The Wolf Man on Halloween Night: One Howl Away!

The Wolf Man on Halloween, what an animal….   Howling in the dark with the moon full bloom, Is a hairy creature that will become someone’s doom. He is a wild beast with a man like form, A supernatural being that is beyond the norm. Cursed and deadly, a creature once man Has become a […]

Halloween of Old

The American tradition of Halloween first began with the large wave of Irish and Scottish immigrants that came to America during the late 19th century. They brought with them the traditions of the carved lantern and the practice of walking in neighborhood streets at night in disguise asking for candy and money treats. It wasn’t […]

Halloween Bonus Treat #1

Here is a horror filled Halloween wallpaper collage that I made out of pictures of vintage Halloween decorations.  Just click on it to expand. Enjoy this if you dare! ……….Professor Grimmgraves..