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Creature from the Black Lagoon’s Halloween Spectacular?

The Creature: A Halloween history   From out of the lagoon the creature appeared, A slimy, wet monstrosity that everyone feared. Half man half fish was the beast’s form, Something even in this lost swamp wouldn’t be the norm. A monster of legend and an archeologist’s dream, An underwater nightmare that would make swimmers scream. […]

Iron Jack: A Halloween Hero!

Like a metal armored pumpkin flying through the sky, Iron Jack was the Halloween hero one would spy. Stopping evil foes and scaring small children at the same time, Using spooky weapons such as spider-webs and green slime. Dressed like a jack-o’-lantern headed tank that is armed to the teeth, Raining down nightmares to those […]

Werewolf Sighting?

Skeletons on Halloween – Boning up on the Facts

A historic tale of the skeletons of Halloween….   With a rattle of bones they walk through the night, Skeletal white form, so full of fright. Cast as death, you should fear them so, A scary specter used often for show. With a deadly cold grip of its bony hand, Bring forth such horror one […]

Halloween Hilarity: X Marx the Spot

Frankenstein: Hey Drac, how’s it fanging? Dracula: Your jokes bite, you need to reanimate your humor.   Wolf Man: Yo mumster, I see you’re wrapped up with making a lot of mummy. Mummy: Will you quit howling about it, hard enough earning with all these bandages on.   Creature: Something has been fishy about you […]

Happy 4th of July!

Halloween Bonus Treat #4

   Since I seem to be on a roll with these wallpapers, I figured I should finish it out with one last one, with the conclusion of my wallpapers toys & stuff trilogy. So without further adieu, here is 70’s Sci-Fi Toys & Stuff Wallpaper. And yes it includes some Halloween costumes too.   ……….Professor […]