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Modern Monsters in Horror and Halloween

Modern Monsters in Horror and Halloween   Freddy, Michael, and Jason, modern monsters of the night, Are the most horrible of fiends that will kill you on sight. Wearing old masks or damaged skin, These deadly creeps are of great sin. Relentless killers impossible to stop, Only innocent teenagers will end up on top. For […]

Zombies of Halloween: Trick-r-Treaters of the Living Dead

A history of zombies in Halloween.   Shambling down your neighborhood street, Zombies approach like an attacking fleet. They may be stiff and move at a slow pace, They are still something you wouldn’t want to face. The zombies have come to eat your skin, Shooting them in the head is the way to win. […]

Scarecrows and Halloween: The Cornfield Haunters

Halloween facts about Scarecrows.   Made of straw and dirty old clothes, Built to scare with a striking pose. The scarecrow is a farms protector, And on Halloween makes a good specter. A haunter of cornfields day and night, To ravens and crows it can be quite a fright. Built for fear and made of […]

Jack-O’-Lanterns: The Face of Halloween

Concerning the facts and fictional use of Jack-o’-lanterns in Halloween.   With an orange face and a jolly smile, The jack-o’-lantern gives your home some style. Carved with skill or just for fun, This pumpkin’s face is made to stun. Born of Halloween and folklore fright, The decoration is now all about delight. Tradition that […]

Halloween Bonus Treat #5

Here is a collection of covers from mainstream monster comics by Marvel & DC from the 70’s Enjoy your treat! ……….Professor Grimmgraves..  

Halloween and the Devil: The Sinful Details

Pertaining to the history of the devil in Halloween.   Red and fiery with a brimstone smell, Comes the devil straight from out of hell. The prince of evil will tempt your soul, Collecting sinners is his monstrous goal. He possesses your body or makes you a deal, But all he wants is your goodness […]

Ghosts: The Haunters of Halloween

A tale of ghosts and Halloween.   Floating through the air on Halloween night, The sudden appearance of a ghost can be quite a fright. Their wispy forms are hard to see, Their ghastly moan may make you flee. Spirits of the dead these specters are, Haunting places near and far. Don’t be afraid don’t […]

The Haunted Houses of Halloween

Concerning aspects of haunted houses during Halloween.   With a loud creak and a distant squeak, The haunted house made a spooky sound. Home of creeps and many freaks, A place where monsters can be found. You should be daunted this place is haunted, For it rests on unhallowed ground. Don’t make a noise girls […]

Halloween Music of The Phantom of the Opera

Concerning the Halloween history of The Phantom of the Opera.   The Phantom of the Opera plays his song, Spreading terror and causing much wrong. He is a musician with a horrible face, Moves like a ghost vanishing without a trace. A monster at the organ violent at the violin, Once a famous composer who […]

One Dark Halloween Night

One Dark Halloween Night, When witches and ghosts make a fright. Children want to trick or treat, So they get plenty of candy to eat. Monsters have come to plague the town, Restless spirits rising from the ground. It is all a nightmare and not a dream, For Halloween is here, you better scream!