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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Witches: The Horrid Halloween History of the Hag

Explaining the facts of witches in Halloween   Carrying a broom and sporting a pointy hat, With a boiling cauldron and a black cat. A coven of witches with hex’s to cast, Bring down dark curses both terrible and vast. Voicing sinister cackles as they perform their evil deeds, Making deadly potions and horrible meads. […]

Pacific Rim: A Halloween Review

Back again with another Halloween movie review, because I just love putting pumpkin heads on movie posters you know. The new epic film Pacific Rim, spans several years but unfortunately skips Halloween. Nevertheless don’t feel too bad because it more than make up for it with lots of monsters. Many are take offs of classic […]

The Ghosts of Halloween at Play

Around they go, the haunting they know, Are ghosts of Halloween week. Playing a game, that would bring some shame, Disappearing often with a shriek. These playful spirits looking to scare, now that would not be fair, When playing hide and go seek. Appearing from nowhere, to perform a great scare, Turning the holiday into […]