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Strange Halloween Treats!

Silently sitting on a plate ready to eat, Are some Halloween critters nice and neat. Orange in color and slimy in form, Make a dessert quite above the norm. Made from strange ingredients not quite dead, Will fill your stomach with something akin to dread. Take pause if you see them offered to you, For […]

One Dark Halloween Night Grand Halloween Tour #2

Regreta and I are back again, visiting some trailer home versions of dark rides over at the La County Fair. Don’t be afraid to watch. ……….Professor Grimmgraves.. Episode Two: A visit to the LA County Fair. Filmed and edited by Regreta Graves, music and narration by Professor Grimmgraves

One Dark Halloween Night Report #1

What’s going on with the novel so far? On the first day of publication it was the #1 hot selling Halloween book on Amazon. Now that was cool. The book is showing up in a number of sites such as Goodreads, BookDaily, Bublish, Shelfari, and Nothing Binding. It was also featured in Sweeties Picks too. […]

Two Little Pumpkins

Sitting together on top of a table at night, Two little pumpkins made quite a flickering sight. Tiny candles burned brightly from within, Lighting up what looked like a sinister grin. But what secrets they held from being outside, For in the night there was something they had eyed. There were spirits about haunting the […]

One Dark Halloween Night Grand Halloween Tour #1

I’m back! John found me hiding in a broom closet, the last place witches would think to find me. Before that “author” could make a mess of my website, he put me back behind the wheel. I have plenty more Halloween goodies plan ahead for you all, Halloween is still a few weeks away. So […]

Trick or Treat Everybody!

I am sad to announce that Professor Grimmgraves went into hiding. After starting his blog on cats he realized that they are a witch’s familiar and could be spying on him, but I am sure we have not heard the last of him. I’m John and I’ll explain what is going on. This blog […]

One Dark Halloween Night Trailer

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Crypt Keeper

What Happened to My Evidence?

I survived another night! Waiting for the repercussions from my video that exposes a dark conspiracy that monsters are real, but I had no intruders last night. Instead to my shock I find that my video has been replaced with an eBook trailer! The trailer looks great; I even bought and read the book because […]