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Regreta’s Halloween Haul

Happy Halloween!!!

A Prologue to Halloween Night

A special treat for All Hallows’ Eve made of many a Halloween sight, Prof. Grimmgraves & Regeta Graves wish you One Dark Halloween Night!

One Dark Halloween Night Book Reviews!

Two reader blogs gave my book some great reviews, so check out Erik’s review at This Kid Reviews books: And Glenda’s review at Book Reader’s Heaven: A warning on the second review, it has a lot of spoilers. Enjoy John

Behind the Halloween Mask: The story of this blog

In the book One Dark Halloween Night, the main character Jason, tells his friends about a Halloween blog that suddenly turns into a monster conspiracy site full of evidence about Halloween creatures being real. I was two months into writing my book when talking to my brother-in-law I got the idea of making a website […]

Scary Halloween Video – So Scary You’ll Either Laugh or Scream!

Here is a Halloween treat just for you, Something scary that is way overdue. Don’t give into fear, don’t give into fright, May you have One Dark Halloween Night!   Please share it…

Trick-r-Treating Across the Internet

Author John Kohlbrenner has a guest post over at the cool but creepy site My Scary Blog where he talks about why Halloween needs his novel, scary huh? Check it out at: Tomorrow I will be posting an extra special scary Halloween video. “Scary Halloween Video – So Scary You’ll Laugh or Scream!” Be […]

Goblin – The Halloween Rock Band

When it comes to cool creepy music, nobody does it like the band Goblin. This Italian progressive rock instrumental band from the 70’s are most famous for their horror scores for such classic movies as Dawn of the Dead and Suspiria. Their style was a great influence on John Carpenter when he wrote the theme […]

One Dark Halloween Night: Grand Halloween Tour # 6

As promised the amazing and frightening trip Regreta and I took on the Ghost Train. Enjoy. ……….Professor Grimmgraves.. Episode Six: Los Angeles Live Steamers – Ghost Train Filmed, edited, and narration by Professor Grimmgraves

Another interview with the author John Kohlbrenner

John’s at it again giving another interview, this time over the Atlantic in the UK. (Where a part of his book takes place in.) This time at a website named after one of his favorite food products, the Ginger Nuts of Horror. Now that is something I would love to hand out to trick-r-treaters. Head […]