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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Halloween Bonus Treat #8

House of Mystery Comic Wallpaper. Enjoy… ..Professor Grimmgraves…

Halloween Bonus Treat #7

One Dark Halloween Night Warhol Wallpaper. Enjoy… ..Professor Grimmgraves…

The Monsters Outside

There were visitors at my window making such a noise, Creepy looking fellows comprising of both girls and boys. They were causing such mayhem outside I didn’t know what to do, Their monstrous activities were something I would never pursue. After terrorizing the neighborhood they waited on my lawn, Scared I hid in my house […]

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep. 3

Glancing at a street sign, Billy saw he was on Bland Street so he had another three blocks to go. The chubby boy always hated going down the street because the houses fit the street’s name perfectly. Boring one-story homes full of dull people with no kids and who always handed out very plain candy. […]

One Dark Halloween Night Video Poem

A creepy Halloween poem by John Kohlbrenner

Funny Face Pumpkin!

Funny was the pumpkin’s face, And boy was it quite a disgrace. With its big teeth and goofy smile, An appearance that lacked any style. Carved with haste and foolish grace, Making something one should replace. So if you think this pumpkin lacks any style, Give it a chance it may grow on you in […]

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep. 2

The sun was already setting as he worked his way over to the Fillmore’s house. Silently he cursed himself for getting a late start on the candy hunt, but his mom had insisted on him finishing all his homework first. This meant he had spent the past four hours reading a hundred pages of Poe. […]

One Dark Halloween Night Report #2

Hello everyone, here is another roundup of One Dark Halloween Night on the web. First off we have three blog posts on the book starting with Strange Amusements and Horror Cult Films Also there are spotlights at 4cover2overt Paytently Horror Coffintree Hill Addicted to Books Book Goodies […]

A Visit to the Comikaze Expo

Professor Grimmgraves and Regreta Graves here for some post Halloween fun. Today we are visiting the Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles California where we got to see many great costumes. Enjoy if you dare…