The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Monthly Archives: November 2013

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep. 1

Billy had set a goal that night; it wasn’t an ambitious or impossible goal. It wasn’t something that people would agonize for years in their effort of going through a life changing epic odyssey to achieve a great dream. No he just wanted to get one of those tasty marshmallow-cream Keith bars. They were so […]

The Tongue-tied Pumpkin!

There once was a large pumpkin that spoke, But before it could say anything it began to choke. Desperately it tried to convey, Something important it had to say. But people would just stand and gap, Until they heard a loud thundering snap. For the pumpkin was warning everyone to flee, Because they were standing […]

Well Halloween Is Still Going On Over Here!!

Even though it’s November, John’s book is spreading across the internet like fall leaves on your front lawn. First off, the book One Dark Halloween Night has gotten another great review from the site Ingrid Hall Next there are two guest posts by John about his book. The first one’s at Zigzag Timeline, […]

Halloween Night

Here is a video of the terrors we faced on Halloween night. May you enjoy this scary treat for everything will be all right.