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One Dark Halloween Night Won a Indie Book of the Day Award!!

Christmas Lights Mania Part 1

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is when Santa trick-r-treats…

You better leave him milk and cookies or you may end up with lumps of coal… Illustration by Churchill Roa – artist from One Dark Halloween Night

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep. 6

Working up some nerve, Billy started to jog down the street. The uneasiness he felt, defused any desire to stop for candy at any of the houses he passed. As Billy went by them, he noticed something strange about the decorations in their yards. There was a faint blue glow about them, and he had […]

More Holiday Fun at Halloween Town

Christmas at Halloween Town

For everyone out there missing Halloween already but love Christmas too, Here are some pictures from a wonderful holiday store just for you… ….Professor Grimmgraves…….

Closed for Halloween – A Video Poem

A creepy poem by John Kohlbrenner

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep. 5

A dog was barking loudly in the distance, its last bark, cut short by a loud shriek. Billy didn’t feel the least bit worried though, some dog owner probably got fed up with their animal scaring the trick-or-treaters. However glancing around this new street he didn’t see any other treaters. This was Clive Avenue, a […]

More Creature Feature Pictures!!!!