The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Monthly Archives: December 2013

A visit to Creature Features Grand Reopening

Regreta and I recently went to the reopening of the very cool monster store… Creature Features. Located in Burbank California the place is across the street from Halloween Town and a few blocks down from Dark Delicacies. Making Burbank the monster capital of USA! The store is decent sized and has over two dozen display […]

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep. 4

Admiring Halloween decorations wasn’t his goal for the night. No Billy had candy to get, especially the Keith candy bar! Remaining focused; he quickly headed down the street and tried to ignore the feeling that he was being watched. This was strange because the street was empty of people. There was no trick or treaters […]

A Halloween that Wouldn’t Die

I consider myself a very upfront sort of guy, When I wish for a Halloween that wouldn’t die. All through November and even well into December, I would think of all the great treating that I could remember. Why should Halloween end I would ponder silently, The year is not over, it shouldn’t stop, I’d […]

Now part of the Holidays…