The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Monthly Archives: March 2014

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.18

“Quickly Billy, we need to get to my bedroom!” Mrs. Fillmore gasped out. “That thing will be up here any second!” Not waiting for the fat boy to follow, the old lady ran to her room and to her surprise, Billy was right behind her. “How will we be any safer in here?” Billy asked, […]

Halloweenyville: Front Yard Frights

DRAC-U-DUDE: Zommy! How many times have I told you, no ghost or skeletons out front. You are killing the property value the neighborhood! ZOMMY: Soooorrrrryyyy…. DRAC-U-DUDE: Well, you will be sorry when one of my neighbors drops dead from fright and then comes back as a ghost to sue me!  

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep. 17

Forcefully grabbing Billy’s hand, Mrs. Fillmore led the boy down a hallway toward a narrow staircase. Lurching up the stairs, Billy found that he was soon out of breath. “I’m just too fat for running.” The chubby boy gasped out, already feeling like he was about to collapse. Mrs. Fillmore pulled with all her strength, […]

Halloweenyville: A Sing-along with Fan Opera

♪”I’m singing by a grave, Yes I’m singing by a grave! I’m being such a knave, For singing by a grave!”♪

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep. 16

By now Billy was definitely sure that the ghost wasn’t his classmate Darrell. Something supernatural was going on, but he felt more shocked at the idea of throwing away candy then seeing firsthand the actual existence of a ghost. There were Klein bars in that bag, little candy bits of heaven. Mrs. Fillmore was now […]

Halloweenyville: Vampire at Sundown

NOSFERATOE: Ah yes, another fine night; bats in the sky, the sound of wolves howling, the smell of an open grave. All I need now is a Bloody Mary and my night will be complete. Hey Mary, get over here I’m thirsty!

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep. 15

Mrs. Fillmore was making high pitched screeching noises as the ghost sheet started to wrap itself around her hand. This broke Billy’s stupor and he did one of the bravest things he had ever done before in his life, Billy threw his candy away. Swinging his bag full of sweets outward, the chubby boy launched […]

Halloweenyville: Halloween Night Horror

G-REAPER: Hey look, here comes some more trick-treaters! PHANTOM FACE: I’m so scared!!! G-REAPER: Why? Their costumes are not that scary. PHANTOM FACE: We are out of candy, and boy do they look hungry.