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Halloweenyville: Dead Buddies, Dead Bodies

FRANKSTER: This dead body is killing me. ZOMMY: Whyyyy? FRANKSTER: The stitches hurt, brain always itches. ZOMMY: Whyyyy? FRANKSTER: Mad scientist who made me did crappy job. ZOMMY: Quit complaining buddy, at least you are not rotting like me. Do you think I want to lurch around like you… It’s rigor mortis dude!

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.21

Billy did not know what to make of Mrs. Fillmore’s sudden sadness; adult emotions were a bit out of his depth. He only liked to eat and deal with the occasional stomachache. Now the old lady he was trapped within a locked room with was completely loosing it. “I knew it, I knew it…” Mrs. […]

Halloweenyville: Undead of Hearing

DRAC-U-DUDE: Ah, it is such a lovely night, with the wolves howling. I could just sing… ♪Born dead, as dead as a corpse in the ground As dead as the skeletons lying around Born dead to rise from one’s grave♪ GARGOYLE ONE: Man, I really wish I was stone deaf.

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.20

As Mrs. Fillmore moved in front of Billy to cover the door with her large shotgun, Billy stepped backwards, now more afraid of the old lady than the ghost. Moving away from her, he bumped into her bed and stopped. Then somehow finding that he had a little courage left in him he spoke, “Mrs. […]

Halloweenyville: A Sound Question

WOLF FUR: Hey Frankster dude, I was in your lab the other day and I was wondering about something. FRANKSTER: What? WOLF FUR: How you can stand all that noise man, with all those machines running and the lightning bolts and stuff. FRANKSTER: Whaaat? WOLF FUR: I think you just answered my question.

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.19

Billy paused for a moment to look at the door. It was so impressive that it kind of reminded him of a bank vault. Why would Mrs. Fillmore need so much security? “Isn’t the door a bit overkill Mrs. Fillmore?” Billy asked, and in response he heard a loud click-click noise. He turned to see […]

Monsterpalooza 2014 Video

Regreta & Professor Grimmgraves’s latest adventure at the coolest monster convention ever… Filmed and edited by Regreta Music by Professor Grimmgraves

The Return to Monsterpalooza Part 2

Here are a few more pictures from our ghoulishly great day at Monsterpalooza. ……….Professor Grimmgraves..

The Return to Monsterpalooza Part 1

While it is still a long way till Halloween, Regreta and I had some monster fun at Burbank’s most frightening convention, Monsterpalooza. We viewed many creature sculptures, costumes, and even say a few actors who played them, such a Pin Head, Godzilla, and the James Bond villain Jaws. Enjoy a few shots from that monstrously […]