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A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.25

“Billy, I appreciate your childish humor, but my self-pity is not going to save us from that ghost out there, and last I checked bullets can’t really harm spirits.” Mrs. Fillmore said as she looked at her large shotgun. “One of us might get hurt with that weapon.” Billy answered. Reluctantly the old lady set […]

Halloweenyville: All Hail the King

PUMPKIN KING: I am the great and powerful Pumpkin, bow before your master! DRAC-U-DUDE: Hey buddy enough with the attitude; Halloween is still five months away. PUMPKIN KING: What!!!! DRAC-U-DUDE: Put a pumpkin on your head and now you think your king of the world. Attitude like that just ruins the holiday. PUMPKIN KING: Give […]

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.24

“I am an avarice old lady,” complained Mrs. Fillmore. “Just as you lust after chocolate candy bars, my husband and I were greedy for money.” “Hey, at least my candy isn’t haunted!” Billy snapped back. “I know child, I am just being bitter. I am finally going to pay the price for my bad habits.” […]

Halloweenyville: Axe and You Shall Receive

G-REAPER: Jay’s Son! Why are you chopping wood, you should be chopping up people. I’m hungry for some souls… JAY’S SON: Don’t you want your food cooked first?

It’s Still All About Halloween

Hello and welcome… Professor Grimmgraves still hiding out here, one year later and I’m still handing out Halloween treats. Just like my desk, the blog has become cluttered with all kinds of cool creepies and ghoulish goodies. Right now during these very un-Halloween near summer months, the new content is only twice a week but […]

Halloweenyville: Death’s Garden

G-REAPER: Ahhh, I so love gardening. All those fertilizer filled coffins are sure helping the tombstones grow…

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.23

“It just has to be that painting from the Winfried estate. The picture had “cursed” practically painted all over it.” Mrs. Fillmore’s eyes now looked unfocused as she thought more about it, almost completely ignoring the boy. “What does a painting have to do with a haunted sheet?” Billy asked. “It was of an empty […]

Halloweenyville: Bonfire of the Living Dead

MONTY MUMMY: Wow the fire is so massive; my wrappings are starting to sizzle. BONE HEAD: I can feel the heat all the way through my bones! DRAC-U-DUDE: Come on guys, give me a break. How should I know that zombies are so flammable? BONE HEAD: Dude! You don’t use zombies to build campfires.

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.22

“No Billy… The ghost behind the door doesn’t want any candy, it’s after my soul.” “Wha-what do you mean?” Billy nervously asked. “It is all because of something I stole. Or more correctly, something my husband and I stole. Only he is not around to pay the price.” “What did you steal, a bed? And […]