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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Yo, What’s Up Creature!

I recently ran into The Creature at the Creature Features store and asked him what he was doing away from the black Lagoon. He said he was on vacation and wanted to check out all the store’s features… He was not disappointed… ……….Professor Grimmgraves..

Halloweenyville: In Flight Song

♪ I soar through the air with the greatest of ease Like a wingless bat biting all that I please My movement is deadly and I carry the vampire disease So fear my flight every night! ♪

A Halloween Maze All Year Long

Can’t wait for Halloween? This monster maze at Universal Studios Hollywood is a great fix till then. With areas devoted to Dracula, Phantom, Mummy, Wolfman, and Frankenstein. Along with a Chucky, Zombie, and Psycho section, it is definitely with a visit…

Psycho for Halloween

Only 139 days left till Halloween… Norman can’t wait…

Halloweenyville: A Pumpkin Promotion

DRAC-U-DUDE: Come one, come all, to the Pumpkin Emporium. We have pumpkins to meet all your needs, from pumpkin pies to pumpkin carriages; we have the greatest variety of pumpkins in town. So do as the Pumpkin King says, “Go pumpkin or die!”

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.26

Frozen with fear, Billy and Mrs. Fillmore watched the sheet-like ghost slowly rise up from under the armored door. Billy couldn’t believe what he was seeing, how an old crumpled white sheet could suddenly rise up to form a humanoid like shape. It was almost mind blowing; some incredible special effect from a movie, but […]

Halloweenyville: Skeletons with Issues

SHELLY-TON: Hey George, I don’t like the way that cat is staring at me. GEORGE SKULL: Give the animal a break. Have you looked in the mirror, you’re no beauty queen. SHELLY-TON: But I have such lovely bones… GEORGE SKULL: It’s not your bones that are the problem, it’s how you dress. You look like […]