The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

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A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.31

“Are you all right Billy?” Mrs. Fillmore asked the scared boy as she let go of him. “It was hard to breathe in there, it was so weird. The two turned to look at the torn sheet; it was still lying on the floor looking like a shredded rag. “Do you think we killed it?” […]

Halloweenyville: The Haunted Mansion

FRANKSTER: Stop!!! Everyone get back, the mansion is too dangerous. It’s infested with a giant man-sized mouse!!!

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.30

As the sheet ghost shook and howled, fingers reached out from a hole in the specters body and began to tear at the opening. Mrs. Fillmore almost dropped her large knife in shock, but quickly realized that it was only Billy attempting to free himself. “Come on Billy, you can do it!” She shouted out, […]

Halloweenyville: A Dark Plot Spoiled

COUNT EVIL: Soon my master plan will be ready and I will use the pumpkins as my means. Those monsters will become my slaves, with the Pumpkin King as my puppet. I will soon… Errr, wait! Am I spoiling the upcoming Halloweenyville Halloween Special? Now it will have to go though another rewrite, cutting me […]

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.29

With the large knife held out before her, Mrs. Fillmore approached the trapped boy, who struggled inside the ghost sheet. The old lady could hear Billy sobbing, his muffled voice racked with fear. Lunging out at the ghost with the knife, she tore into its sheet-like body. The ghost then let out a horrible howling […]

Halloweenyville: Here Comes the King

PUMPKIN KING: All bow to the Pumpkin King! Fear my power, feast on my pumpkin seeds, feel my wra…. Hey where is everybody… Hello? Oh, wait… It’s not Halloween yet… Darn…

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.28

Like falling into a net trap, the ghost’s sheet like body quickly enveloped Billy, completely trapping the obese boy. Mrs. Fillmore felt helpless as she watched the boy struggle within the sheet. He was going to smother in there if she didn’t do something soon. Besides having a shotgun, her room had other weapons for […]

Halloweenyville: Morning Face

DRAC-U-DUDE: What… Cat? Do I look that bad in the morning? You try sleeping on dirt in an old coffin.

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.27

With a roar of desperation, Billy cried out as he charged the ghost. Diving into it, he tackled the sheet phantom and knocked it to the ground. Mrs. Fillmore couldn’t believe her eyes; the extremely large and chubby boy was now sitting on top of a crumpled white sheet. Had he somehow killed it? Having […]

Halloweenyville: A Haunted Haunt

GHOSTLY: It is so noisy outside; with those bones rattling, cats screeching, and crows cawing. Can’t a restless spirit rest? Why must I spend eternity tormented so? Why do I even hear this noise? I don’t have ears…