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An Excerpt from One Dark Halloween Night

Taking a deep breath, Jason searched his surroundings, in all directions. Extending as far as he could see were dirty, gray, crumbling tombstones. Some covered in weeds, others toppled over into a pile of rubble. All of them so worn by the weather that it was hard to read the names and dates on them. […]

Attack of the Pirate Skeletons

Here’s a pirate interlude from my old pal Captain Blackbeard… Argh matey, them walking bones are overrunning me fort, Crazy Ann and The Dutchman put up a good fight, but those black fiends keep coming. We will have to give up Skull Island, I shouldn’t have touched that cursed gold… Captain Blackbeard… Video & Music […]

Two Terrors for Halloween Night

Greetings Halloween fanatics, now available on Amazon is an eBook collection of two short stories of the supernatural and it’s only .99 cents. Two frightful tales set on the same Halloween night as the book; One Dark Halloween Night. In fact one of the tales even explains a subplot from the novel. Do you need […]

Halloweenyville Halloween Special: 4) Road Tripping Wreckers

DRAC-U-DUDE: Quickly Frankster we must find the home of the pirate skeletons and wreck their neighborhood! FRANKSTER: Wrecking homes baaad… WOLF FUR: Hey flat-top don’t you see, we are fighting monsters with monsters. FRANKSTER: Frankster see only trouble ahead. Me want to turn around. WOLF FUR: Man, why are you driving anyhow? FRANKSTER: Me only […]

An Excerpt from One Dark Halloween Night

Like his brother, Jason was in the middle of some convincing of his own, except Drake was a much easier target. As the spectacled kid was looking through a pile of rubber werewolf masks, Jason said, “Drake, I know you’re a bit surprised by my sudden obsession with this Halloween conspiracy, but you saw the […]

A Nightmare at Halloween Spirit Store

Here in lies a video of my terrifying encounters in a haunted costume store. I barely survived the experience and have had many nightmares since. The monsters were real; the dangers were extreme, watch this video so you may survive too!

Now Halloween has truly started…

At last, both Wal-Mart and Target have finally gotten out their Halloween stuff making this the start of the official Halloween shopping season. This year a lot of the store selections have not been as good as last year’s, with the exception of Jo-Ann’s. The store surprised me with the amount of Halloween goodies they […]

Halloweenyville Halloween Special: 3) Bad Bones

PIRATE SKELETON ONE: Give us your pumpkins, give us your candy! PIRATE SKELETON TWO: And all your bones too, ha-ha-ha-ha! DRAC-U-DUDE: These bone-heads are ruining the neighborhood; they need to clean up all those gold doubloons they’re throwing around. FRANKSTER: Pirate skeletons baaad! DRAC-U-DUDE: Just because you’re undead, you think you can come in and […]

An Excerpt from One Dark Halloween Night

“The dream I had last night could be related to what is happening in town?” Jason whispered. Sitting at the desk next to Jason, Drake gave him a short, nervous glance. “You’re making me feel like I am in one of those horror movies. You know the one with the burned-up ghost.” “This school is […]

A Visit to Halloween Planet 2014

Like a vampire rising at sundown, Halloween stores are emerging from their crypts. It’s that time when shopping becomes interesting, so enjoy this fright filled trip to the store… ……….Professor Grimmgraves…