The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

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Halloweenyville Halloween Special: 2) A Fiendish Plot Harvested

CAPTAIN SKULL-BEARD: Arise Pumpkin King, through your great power we ave’ lands to plunder. PUMPKIN KING: What have you done to Halloweenyville, it is so, so piratey. CAPTAIN SKULL-BEARD: You be at my home, Skeleton Cove. It is yours we shell conquer. PUMPKIN KING: Well, before we go anywhere you need to redecorate, this place […]

An Excerpt from One Dark Halloween Night

Looking serious, Drake decided to give his friend a chance, “So what is this new post you’re all excited about?” “I’ll show you,” Jason said as he reached over to his computer’s mouse and began clicking on it. “Yes! It’s a link to a video Professor Grimmgraves has been talking about for the past two […]

Halloween Everywhere!

Now a week into September, Halloween goodies are showing up everywhere. Here are some images from the mundane stores, Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann, Rite Aid, & Walgreens. The common theme here seems to be a lot of blacks and oranges, with mostly pumpkins, skulls, and cats being the most popular characters. Now I need to start buying […]

Halloweenyville Halloween Special: 1) Prologue

DRAC-U-DUDE: Hey guys, with Halloween coming up do you want to do something special? WOLF FUR: What, besides scaring kids and handing out candy? FRANKSTER: Mmmm, candy… MONTY MUMMY: How about a pumpkin party, isn’t that big pumpkin dude suppose to be coming. FRANKSTER: Mmmm, pumpkin pie… DRAC-U-DUDE: Please guys don’t remind me of that […]

An Excerpt from One Dark Halloween Night

At first his only sensation was the open air around him as he fell and fell. Then just as suddenly he felt something wooden in his hands, his body then landed on what seemed to be a pole, it was actually a broom. Wrapping his arms and legs around the broom stick, Jason noticed his […]

Halloween Fast Approaching

With less than two months to go till Halloween hits, things are now going to pick up over at this blog. The spirits are getting restless in my old haunted house and want me to clean the cobwebs from my keyboard and start writing. I will be publishing three to four posts a week now, […]