The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Monthly Archives: October 2014

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloweenyville Halloween Special: 9) Pumpkin Time

PUMPKIN KING: Hey everybody its Halloween, that means pumpkin party time! DRAC-U-DUDE: I can’t believe it; this guy tried to take over our town and now is the life of the party. FRANKSTER: Shut up Drac and have a pumpkin…

A Halloween Gallery at Creature Features

The incredible monster store Creature Features is currently having a cool Halloween art show called October Shadows. I recently haunted the place and enjoyed what I saw, here are a few images from it. You can find more about it at… ……….Professor Grimmgraves…

Great Halloween Home Haunts of Los Angeles

This October I have been wandering the city streets at night like a restless spirit looking for all things Halloween. Here are the very best that I have come across this year. First up is MOURNING ROSE MANOR in Simi Valley, this is a great atmospheric front yard display of a cemetery, complete with moving […]

Excerpt from One Dark Halloween Night

The road was very dark as the four friends rode their bikes down it. Drake the only one to have thought of owning a light for his bike was in the lead, his bike lamp’s narrow beam barely illuminated the way. Jason had taken his brother’s old bike since his was still back at the […]

Getting in the Mood for Halloween

With Halloween only a few days away, here is a little video that will prepare you for the terrors of Halloween Night!!!

Halloweenyville Halloween Special: 8) A Parrot for your Problems

DRAC-U-DUDE: Alright Skull-Beard if you don’t leave our town, this bird will get it. CAPTAIN SKULL-BEARD: What! That’s my parrot Sally, please don’t hurt her, I’ll leave! MONTY MUMMY: Boy that was easy, what is the big deal with the bird? CAPTAIN SKULL-BEARD: sniff… She does a mean imitation of my mom… I’m sorry mother. […]

Things to do in October while waiting for Halloween night

Being the fiend that I am, Halloween is the one day each year I truly look forward too, making the entire month of October a great preamble to that exciting night. Here is a list of things to do to get in the Halloween spirit all month long, along with things that I am doing. […]

Two Terrors for Halloween Night – Free!

For the rest of the week and weekend, I am giving away for free my collection of two horrifying Halloween tales as a treat for you this Halloween. They are two stories about Halloween nightmares becoming real and the children that must face them, very edge of your crypt adventures. So head over to Amazon […]

Shipwrecked on Boney Island

The skeletons have taken my fort and captured me. I have now been taken to the fabled place Boney Island. The things the skeletons do here, I don’t know if I wIll be able to hold out. They make water dance!!! Captain Blackbeard…