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Excerpt from One Dark Halloween Night

Deeper and deeper into the cornfields the trail led. Jason felt some concern that they might end up lost. Drake, seeing his friend’s worried look replied, “Jason, it doesn’t matter how confusing this corn maze can get. We have smart phones, GPS dude.” He pulled out his phone from his pocket and selected the GPS […]

Halloween Mood Zones!

Living in a haunted house inspires one to decorate it with monsters. Throughout my home I have areas full of horrible fiends and frightening faces. Inspired by the website Dinosaur Dracula’s term, Halloween Mood Table, I decided to call these my Halloween Mood Zones… Enjoy! ……….Professor Grimmgraves…

Halloweenyville Halloween Special: 7) a Haunting Heist

CAPTAIN SKULL-BEARD: Argh… The town is mine, now we will plunder it of all its treasures! GHOSTLY: Please not my sheets… MOSS FACE: No, don’t take the cobwebs… PUMPKIN KING: I’m only here for the pumpkins. CAPTAIN SKULL-BEARD: Sigh… Good thing I brought my own gold. Alright my boney boys… It looks like this is […]

Halloween at Traditions

Recently on one of my haunts, I visited the holiday store Traditions. It was like a vintage Halloween Christmas, with massive amounts of retro Halloween decorations on display. Here is a few images from the place and be sure to visit their website. ……….Professor Grimmgraves…

Excerpt from One Dark Halloween Night

Standing in position within the dark entrance, Barbara watched outside for the next group of kids. Across the street she noticed the three pumpkins sitting in the neighbor’s yard. Their carved faces looked angry, with mouths holding evil sneers, and eyes glowing with a sinister look. “Jane, the weird pumpkins across the street, were they […]

Universal Halloween Horror Days

We all hear about how wonderfully terrifying Universal Halloween Horror Nights are, so instead I will show you what happens there during the day. (Plus the images film better in the daylight…)

Halloweenyville Halloween Special: 6) A Pirate for Your Problems

CAPTAIN KNIFE-TONGUE: Mmm,mm, havin pirate skeletons problems aye, mmm. DRAC-U-DUDE: What? CAPTAIN KNIFE-TONGUE: Mmmm,mmm, been bone-head free here, it’s nice, mmm. FRANKSTER: Huh? CAPTAIN KNIFE-TONGUE: Mmmm,mmm, got a little somethin.. It should solve you pirate problems… He,he,he. MONTY MUMMY: Say what? DRAC-U-DUDE: Mr., could you take that knife out of your mouth, we can’t understand […]

Countdown to Halloween 2014

One Dark Halloween Night is proudly part of Countdown to Halloween 2014. Please visit the site, there are a lot of links to some cool Halloween websites there… Don’t be afraid. ……….Professor Grimmgraves…

An Excerpt from One Dark Halloween Night

Jason snuck back over to his cowering friends and led them into an aisle where they wouldn’t be seen from outside. He glanced around at the masks hanging from the racks before them. They were in the undead section. Ghoulish zombie faces stared back, their faces green and gray covered with wounds. Severed plastic zombies […]

Ahhhhs at Aahs

Time for costume terrors at Aahs, with nightmare displays and horrific goodies. Halloween does a store good…