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Halloweenyville What! Pirates Again?

CAPTAIN SKULL-BEARD: sniff… I miss the pumpkins.

Cut-Out Comments: Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

“Nuff said…”

Halloween Half-Pagers: Decorations Darkly

“49, 50, 51…”  Danny looked confused as he saw his fifty-first Halloween decoration. “I thought I only had fifty” he said out-loud. Every year, a week before Halloween he would bring out his army of monster props. Life size figures of the truly ghoulish. From ghosts to skeletons, zombies and werewolves, Frankenstein and of course […]

Costumes from Comikaze Expo 2014

Here’s a gallery of colorful costumes from this year’s Comikaze Expo… ……….Professor Grimmgraves…

Cut-Out Comments: What’s the Werewolf Doing?

Now here is one confused werewolf, is he dressed up for a costume party, or is he visiting the grave of a loved one? I personally think he had just left a party drunk and is about to relieve himself on someone’s grave stone. What a beast…

Halloween Half-Pagers: Cautious Companion

David Binder always thought he was a cautious miner; he had a sense when tunnels were unstable or when air turned deadly. But with caution came narrow mindedness and he only thought of himself when it came to safety. It was the night, October 31st and he was a little short on money, so he […]

Costume Cosplay at Comikaze 2014

Here is some costume fun at the latest Comikaze Expo…

Cut-Out Comments: The Mummy Dilemma

Now I wonder, is the mummy afraid of the troll and the creatures in the cave, are the cave creatures and troll afraid of the mummy, or is the mummy just mindlessly doing his undead shambling strut. This decoration poses those questions.

Halloween Half-Pagers: Bad Timing

I can’t stop running; it’s still after me. Why did I rob that house on Halloween? It seemed like such a great idea, dressing like a clown on the one night everyone was in costume and going on a one night crime spree. That one house was so big, a mansion, and even though it […]

Halloween Night 2014

Here is a video of our adventures on Halloween night…