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Halloween Half-Pagers: A Haunting New Year

With the New Year fast approaching, Davis couldn’t wait to celebrate the occasion. Faddy, that good friend of his was throwing a special party at a very exiting location. They were reigning in 2015 at an actual haunted house! Davis was beside himself with excitement and he couldn’t wait see an actually ghosts, or would […]

Cut-Out Comments: Merry Christmas!

And remember, Santa is always watching and he has a list…

Halloween Half-Pagers: Secret Sentinel

Standing in the snow I watched the house, people would pass me by not taking much notice of me. I felt no cold and could not move, frozen in an unassuming shape. I wore an old top hat, and had pieces of coal for buttons, my eyes mouth were made of stones, and my nose […]

Cut-Out Comments: One Weird-O-Witch

This is one messed up witch, her head is her body and it is backwards! How does she breathe when she sits down???

Halloween Half-Pagers: Not-so Good St. Nick

Around town they always called him St. Nick because he would nick your kids. He was supposed to be jolly and kindhearted, leaving presents for children on Christmas day, but something in him changed a few years ago, and now the town was full of dread every Christmas Eve. You see, he became more demanding, […]

This Terrible Christmas Tree

There once was a tree that was scary, It would terrify everyone quite fairly. Decorated with monstrous displays, And many hideous dark light overlays. Something was wrong with this tree, Inspiring everyone around it to flee.

Cut-Out Comments: A Haunting Fright

Now let’s see here, the ghost is afraid of the owl, and the owl is afraid of the ghost, while the pumpkins are having a big laugh. They must understand the absurdness of this fear filled standoff.

Halloween Half-Pagers: The Power of the Penny

When I finally got the chance to interview Professor Gravemoore, I was immediately struck by his eccentricities. He dressed like a tramp, constantly fidgeting like an insane paranoid. We met at the French restaurant La Bestial, a very elegant place that clashed with Gravemoore’s frumpiness. Reaching the two person table at the same time, I […]

Just in time for the Holidays….

The 13 days of Creepmas…

Cut-Out Comments: Ghost of a Joke

Boy is this one haunted house, full of wall to wall ghosts with maddening grins. Why so happy? I bet if I held a séance there it would be like Friday night at the comedy club.