The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Monthly Archives: January 2015

Cut-Out Comments: Bone Headed Love

Picture this; a spider and a mouse falling in love in what must be some dead romantic’s skull. Has stranger love ever happened?

Halloween Half-Pagers: The One Minute Rule

Before Jake emailed me the link to the website he had described to me, he told me about the one minute rule. How one shouldn’t stay too long on the site or it would be too late. Too late for what he wouldn’t say. After getting off the phone with him, it didn’t take long […]

Cut-Out Comments: Bent Back Drac

Here is one green looking vampire with a serious back problem. He is so bent over the he looks like he could get a job as a contortionist in a circus.

Halloween Half-Pagers: The Pumpkin that Screamed

It was a week until Halloween when I carved my pumpkin masterpiece. Spending more than five hours on details, I created a truly creepy piece of art. Its eyes had a sinister squint to them, its nose bold and prominent, and its teeth sharp-looking spikes that filled a wicked grin. It was wonderfully scary and […]

Finally got my new computer!

Which means new posts next week… Yeah!!!

The Death of My Computer

My computer died last week and I am still waiting for my new computer. I will continue with my creepy stories and bad jokes once it comes, because writing on a IPad is no fun at all… PGG.

Cut-Out Comments: One Scary Cat

This kitten looks frightening, is he ready to pounce, or is he just mooning the moon?