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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Halloween Half-Pagers: Bad Commute

My friends always told me that using the subway was the best way to get to work. However, being of independent spirit I didn’t mind leaving home extra early to drive to work. I always wanted that freedom to go where I wanted every day and I wasn’t going to change. When I first heard […]

Cut-Out Comments: Frank Says

“You should see the other guy. O wait, there was no other guy…”

Cut-Out Comments: Trick or Treat?

I don’t know? Dropping that bag of candy on Frankenstein’s head doesn’t seem very funny now.

Halloween Half-Pagers: There is Something Under My Bed

There is something under my bed, could it be a Truehang wanting to be fed? No, there is something else under there, maybe a Blackburg wanting to take my hair? There must be something under by bed, maybe a Bloodlunge to fill me with dread? I really could feel there was something horrible underneath my […]

Cut-Out Comments: Valentine’s Day Horror

Give your mummy some love…  

Halloween Half-Pagers: Nightmare’s Reality

I keep having the same nightmare… It always starts with me going down stairs to the basement, except I have no basement in my house. The stairs creak and it is dark down there. As I reach the bottom I turn on a flash light that is now in my hand. The light reveals what […]

Cut-Out Comments: Preparing for a Witch’s Night Out!

This witch is all ready for action! Poison apples, check! Magical skull pendent, check! Broom flight badge, check! Striped stockings, err, you better watch out for dropping houses from Kansas.

Halloween Half-Pagers: Zamora the Witch Goes Shopping

Zamora the Witch woke up one day after 300 years of sleep. She had cast an Akeley spell on herself to escape all that witch trial mess in Salem. She even felt a little amused how some innocent victims ended up catching all her blame, but that was in the past, she was awake again. […]