The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Monthly Archives: March 2015

Monsterpalooza 2015 Gallery part 1

Halloween is still a long time away, fortunately for us fright fans there is monster conventions to tide us over. Tons on creepy goodies at this one. First off is a gallery of cool things at the convention. Enjoy ……….Professor Grimmgraves…

Cut-Out Comments: A Doctor’s Drink

“I always need a cold one after a day in the laboratory. Raising the dead is thirsty work.”

Halloween Half-Pagers: Zombie Days

I have been dead five days now, but I still wander the earth, that is if you can call shambling wandering. Being dead and buried wasn’t enough for me, just a day after my funeral I dug myself up and started my quest for human flesh. I am a zombie now, one of the many […]

Cut-Out Comments: Smile!

A face only a mummy could love…

Halloween Half-Pagers: The Little Guys

Danny liked gaming, collecting, and painting, which led to his obsessive collecting and painting of two inch fantasy metal miniatures. The miniatures were made up of, wizards, knights, and barbarians, along with even more monsters, such as orcs, skeletons, trolls, and dragons. Danny would proudly displace his little artistic masterpieces on shelves, spending hours imagining adventures […]

Cut-Out Comments: The Phantom Says…

“I’ve been a monster so long I need a mask just to look scary.”

Halloween Half-Pagers: This Haunted House

When Dave entered the Franklin house he knew right away that something was wrong. A chill ran down his spine, and he lost his breath. He suddenly felt he shouldn’t have gone in, but who could resist exploring a real haunted house. He had first read about it in the papers years ago, how nobody […]

Cut-Out Comments: Doing the Moonwalk

Boy can this werewolf dance…

Halloween Half-Pagers: The Question of Monster

As I looked around my surroundings I would ask myself if there are monsters around. Whether walking in the woods surrounded by trees, or going down a dark grimy alleyway in the middle of the city, I’d wonder if some horrible nightmare was around the corner or hidden in the brush. Why did I always […]