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Cut-Out Comments: Dracula’s Safety Announcement

“Hey kids, just because I am undead it doesn’t mean I’m indestructible. Don’t let cars run over your legs, it really hurts!”

Halloween Half-Pagers: What Screams May Come

It always happened around 11 pm, the screams coming out of the TV set. No matter what show Billy was watching or even if it was off, the screams came. They would last only a minute and sounded like men, women, and children, crying out in stark terror. The first time it happened Billy nearly […]

Halloween Half-Pagers: The Where Wolf

Lycanthrope wasn’t a person, or a curse, he was an entity. For centuries he would find a host to enter and with the coming of the full moon he would gain control of their bodies. It would start with the manifestation of fur and fangs, and end with blood. Lycanthrope enjoyed his bestial nature; the […]

Costume Cosplay at Wondercon 2015

Cut-Out Comments: Pumpkin-mobile

“Pumpkins… Get your fresh pumpkins!”    

Halloween Half-Pagers: The Devil if You Do

David Brand never believed in the devil, even when the prince of evil came knocking at his door. At first David thought it was Halloween, seeing a red faced man with two small horns standing out there, but he quickly realized it was only August, nowhere near the end of October. Then he thought it […]

Cosplay at Wondercon 2015

While there wasn’t many monsters, there were some great costumes as the con. Enjoy…

Monsterpalooza 2015 Video

It’s that time again… Let the nightmares begin!

Monsterpalooza 2015 Gallery part 2

Here are the people who attended the great horror convention, scary aren’t they? And it looks like Peter Dinklage had a body transplant. ……….Professor Grimmgraves…