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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Cut-Out Comments: Hey Bat Head!

“I think I’m going batty…”

Halloween Half-Pagers: A Better Tomorrow

The monsters had already destroyed the world. Big ones, human sized ones, even tiny little monstrosities. They had come up from under the ground and tore down all that the human race had created. Cities now burned, and the few survivors left were crying out in despair. There was nothing left to live for except […]

Cut-Out Comments: A Homeless Devil

“Will scare for food…”

Halloween Half-Pagers: The Eater and the Eaten

Mendel the monster was always hungry. No matter how many villagers he ate, his stomach would cry out for more. He was large, fat, and purple, with three eyes and a very wide mouth. Never having any trouble terrifying the villagers, he would freeze them with so much fear, that he could scoop them up […]

Cut-Out Comments: An insecure Vampire

“My wings are bigger than yours…”

Halloween Half-Pagers: Dracula Bites Back

Dracula was tired of it all.  Because of the books and movies, everyone knew who he was. Just like Elvis, he had the impersonators and groupies. Fame did not suit him well. A vampire needed his privacy; to stalk victims, to feed on them. What he had now was awe and caution. Now when hunting […]

Cut-Out Comments: Drac’s New Shoes

“How do you like my new shoes?… Please don’t say that they bite or I will bite you!”

Halloween Half-Pagers: The Sleepy Ones

Often I would wake up at night to find them in bed with me; the sleepy ones. They were small and hard to look at, vaguely humanoid in shape but mostly indescribable. Creatures I first thought were part of my dreams. Always too tired to move or react, I would lay there staring at them, […]