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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Cut-Out Comments: Haunting Advice

Papa ghost the said to baby ghost, “Son don’t wander to far from the house, the neighborhood is really scary…”

Cut-Out Comments: Frankenstein’s Younger Brother

“I’m the handsome one in the family…”

Halloween Half-Pagers: Messy Moments

Jake had a problem. On certain times of the year he would blackout and wake up the next day a bloody mess, and what would worry him was the blood was never his own. These blackouts were sudden, unpredictable, and only when he was alone. He had no clue what caused them or when they […]

Halloween Half-Pagers: This Haunted Park

Davis had been a fan of Haunted Hollows Amusement Park ever since he was a kid. The Midnight Spook House, Ghoul-Train Ride, Flights of Terror, he could run those rides endlessly in his mind. The park was perfect for monsters kids, and he would visit the place at least once every year. Sadly seven years […]

Cut-Out Comments: A Heavy Happy Halloween

“Hey bonehead don’t you dare drop the happy!”

Halloween Half-Pagers: The Used Car Lot

The used car lot on Cranston Avenue had been haunted for a number of years. Customers would complain about their cars making strange noises, doors suddenly opening, seats moving, or worst of all, the steering wheel turning on its own. The sales manager, Pete, would always scratch his head, wondering what was going on. How […]

Cut-Out Comments: A Gracious Dracula

“Good evening, I will be your host for tonight. For Dinner we will be having, you!!!”

Halloween Half-Pagers contest!!!

Good evening seekers of quick terrors and brief frights. I am proud to proclaim the first Halloween Half-Pagers contest! The rules are simple, In the Halloween Half-Pagers: A Cure for the Sane five previous half-pagers characters are mentioned. Contestants that post on either the website or Facebook page, which correct five half-pagers stories they are […]

Halloween Half-Pagers: A Cure for the Sane

Blake View Asylum was starting to become popular after recently receiving a number of famous guests; including the pumpkin killer, teeth, monster inside-me, the scarecrow, and Jake, who would stare at blank monitor screens all day. The place had become a hotel for creepy insane killers. Dr. Ravenclaw thought all this madness was tied into […]