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Halloween Half-Pagers: Final Countdown

The ticking of the clock on my desk felt like a hammer pounding on my skull. I could feel the weight of my situation as I sat there, thinking how my time was nearly up. It was a countdown to my doom, and with my mind scrambling, I couldn’t find an answer. You see, the […]

Halloween Half-Pagers Bloody Buddy

Something wasn’t quite right about my friend Buddy. Though he was always there for me when I needed help or when I was lonely, it was almost like he was psychic. He could tell when a friend was in need. One May while we were taking a road trip across the country, I lost control […]

Halloween Half-Pagers: This is a Job for Frankenstein!

For Frankenstein, immortality was not something he cared about anymore. He was no longer an ugly monster thanks to  plastic surgery. He had traveled the world, loved many ladies, and amassed a large amount of wealth from long term investments. The world had become an endless playground and he should have been happy. But every day […]

Halloween Half-Pagers: Billy is in the Basement

The spider crawled up Billy’s arm, but he didn’t notice it. Reaching the boy’s open mouth, it began to weave a web along the opening. Once done, it rested inside the dark cavern of Billy’s mouth waiting for its prey. Next came a mouse, creeping meekly up to the child’s bare foot. It sniffed at […]

Halloween Half-Pagers: A Most Haunted Monster

Brenzabub was a horrible monster, big and green, totally mean. He loved to bite people’s heads off and drink their blood. He terrorized the countryside and gave the kingdom of Drantz a bad reputation. So one day the local villagers raised some money and hired a knight to slay the beastie. With quick use of […]

Creature and Costume Cosplay at Anime Expo

Here is a little gallery of cool costumes seen at Anime Expo. ……….Professor Grimmgraves…

Halloween Half-Pagers: You are Who You Eat

Old Mrs. Felder loved to cook. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, she could cook all day. She would work away in her quaint little kitchen and make food masterpieces for her family. Anything from a simple grilled cheese sandwich, to a complex Brandade de Morue Marseilles. If she could do it all over she would be […]