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Halloween Half-Pagers: This Abandoned House

“Check this out, there is an old, abandoned house down the street that should have been torn down long ago. But every day I see people going in, looking like they were going to work, Nothing strange about them, but what is really weird is that I don’t see them leave. It’s always a different […]

Halloween Half-Pagers: Mummy Troubles

Ultha Rama Topec, better known as The Mummy, was sick of hanging around the museum. Cursed never to die, wrapped in rotting bandages, and bound to his sarcophagus, he burned with hatred for the latest round of adventures that bound him. Several times he awoke throughout the ages, to search for his reincarnated love, a […]

One Dark Halloween Night Paperback Trailer!

One Dark Halloween Night Now Available in Paperback!

Hello my fellow Halloween friends, after two long years, my book is finally here. Please check it out over at Amazon: One Dark Halloween Night  

Halloween Half-Pagers: To Hunt the Horrible

I came to the small town of Vancent in search of the creature called the Vandenbilgg. It was rumored to be so hideous that you would die of fright if you saw him. Even its monstrous cry when heard would kill you too. The town had suffered many deaths throughout the century due to the […]

ScareLA 2015

Halloween Half-Pagers: A Madman’s Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a spider, and that spider was eaten by a man. This man was crazy, locked in a madhouse cell. The man was both dangerous and obsessed, worshiping someone called the master. Harmless at first sight, he would lure you in and then pounce on you when you least expected […]

Scare LA 2015

Here is a quick gallery of the creep-tastic things going on at the premier Halloween convention. Try not to be afraid of these terrifying pictures… ……Professor Grimmgraves…..

Halloween Half-Pagers: Vampire’s Toothache

Count Valdmar felt a great pain in his upper right fang, and regretted that he had feasted on the plump boy who had been stuffing his face with candy bars. All that sugar in the kid’s blood must have given him a cavity. Already he could feel the tooth rotting away. Being over a thousand […]

Halloween Half-Pagers: Mr. Bones Comes to Town

Comprised of nothing but bleached white bones, David had some trouble getting up. He had been lost in the desert and was dead for several months. He recalled lying down in the sand, dying of thirst one moment, and awake the next, but felt nothing. As he looked down at himself, strangely he felt no […]