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Son of Monsterpalooza 2015

The perfect convention to get in the Halloween mood. Scary good fun…

Halloween Half-Pagers: The Unfaceable

There was something under my bed, and I was too terrified to look. I could hear the thing moving around under there. Scraping the hardwood floor, bumping up against the box mattress, and all I could do was hide underneath my sheet. When it started calling my name with a cold dead voice, I nearly […]

Halloween Store Stuff

Now that stores are getting their goodies, it feels like my time of year. Please enjoy this little gallery I made. ……….Professor Grimmgraves..

Countdown to Halloween 2015

It’s time for that cool countdown action. Lot of neat Halloween sites to visit… Just like trick-r-treating…. Professor Grimmgraves…..

Halloween Half-Pagers: Runner’s Nightmare

I liked to run a lot. You could say running was my favorite hobby. I would run to work, run to the store, and on my days off, run in the park. I often ran in marathons, and was a high school track star. I had built up such stamina that I could run for […]

Son of Monsterpalooza 2015

The son was back and boy was he fun. Plenty of masks and goodies to enjoy, with two mini museums and a fun dealers room too. Professor Grimmgraves……

Halloween Half-Pagers: Statue Shock

When Drake got the strange little statue as a gift, he proudly displayed it on his desk. It was a squat little bugger with a wide face and tiny body, with its mouth being its most prominent feature. The eyes were strange, small and squinting, and red. He was told that it was a Zu-Zu […]

Son of Monsterpalooza 2015

To kick off the new Halloween year here are some of the new scares you can buy at Halloween Planet.

Monster Sighting 6

In that last news article I posted, I was the American survivor mentioned in it. I witnessed the terror that overcame the small town. What I saw, I still can’t describe or you would think me insane. But I am not the only one, with the evidence I have posted, plus this last one, it […]

Monster Sighting 5

This is from the Derbyshire Times newspaper from England, published last year. Mystery strikes Ashbourne, a whole town has gone missing. During the town’s annual mischief night celebrations, an unknown set of events took place that has led to the disappearance of all 700 of the town’s residents along with an unknown amount of visitors. […]