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Monster Sighting 4

This next article comes from suikergoedminaar21 of Holland. On November 12th 2011, the Dutch newspaper Noordhollads Dagblad posted an article about mass disappearances in the Noord-Holland village of Halfweg, a town famous for their St Martian’s Day celebration, the Dutch version of Halloween. The article states that a small riot broke out caused by perpetrators […]

Monster Sighting 3

Here is an article dated 11/1/10 sent to me from Gespenstliebhaber13 in Austria translated to English. Danger strikes the village of Retz’s Halloween-Umzug “Halloween Parade”. Mass abductions reported by mysterious individuals dressed in elaborate costumes, causing a panicked crowd to abruptly end the parade. Police found a victim’s camera with an image of one of […]

Monster Sighting 2

This one was sent to me from Tipofestadihallow in Italy; new article was dated November 1st 2009. The Corriere della Sera proclaims that something strange is going on in the small town of Corinaldo on festa di Halloween. Three people are missing and fellow villagers reported being harassed by sheet-like creatures. Local resident Paolo Vincenzo […]

Monster Sighting 1

  This was sent to me from Draulamant31 in Romania. The Romanian newspaper Curierul de Valcea five years ago reported that Alexandru Catinu from the town of Râșnov had gone missing on October 31st. His damaged camera was found the next day in a farm outside of town with only this picture.

Halloween Times is Fast Approaching

Yes it is that time of year and John has dug me up from my grave. I was so enjoying my little vacation with the worms, but with the little monsters soon to be at the door demanding treats I had no choice but to help out. First we are going to start off with […]

Halloween Half-Pagers: The Dragons are Among Us, and they are Hungry

“The dragons are among us, and they are hungry.” That was what Larry kept saying. He had stumbled into the office looking confused, his clothes dirty and torn. Sitting him down we gave him a cup of tea to calm him. Still he would not stop saying over and over “The dragons are among us, […]

Halloween Half-Pagers: Ghost Man

I once knew a man who thought he was a ghost. He claimed that he was over a hundred years old, even though he looked more like forty. He would not let anyone touch him, because he didn’t like the feel of solid flesh passing through his spirit body. The reason why he didn’t look […]

Halloween Half-Pagers: Creature Comforts

Sam always drank a lot of water, so much so, that people thought he was related to a fish. He would always carry his brass thermos, which never seemed to run out of water. When asked why he was always drinking, he would reply that he had a medical condition which required him to be […]

Halloween Half-Pagers: Not So Good Neighbor

David often visited his neighbors, always late at night. He was passionate in his discussions and he spoke with a blade. There would often be a mess to cleanup afterwards and it would be almost dawn when he got home. His neighbors left gifts for him of eyes, ears, noses, that he always treasured. Often […]