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Happy Halloween

Now it’s time for some candy…

Halloween Half-Pagers: Every Day was Halloween

Halloween was happening more and more often this year. It would always start with the kids showing up. Dressed as monsters with their faces masked, they would demand candy with their shout of “tick-r-treat!” If you didn’t have any candy they would  vandalize your house acting like the monsters they were dressed as. Everyone was […]

Just in Time for Halloween… A Picture of my Haunted House…

Halloween Half-Pagers: Frankenstein is in a Sharing Mood

Saying the amusement park was ghostly was an understatement. Frankenstein and his friends had followed Professor Gravesmore and his companions through the mouth-like portal, and now they were standing in the most haunted place in the world, Haunted Hollows Amusement Park. The Professor grinned in awe at all the ghosts and ghost rides, to him […]

Book Sighting 4

This time at Target in the Valley!!!

The Return of Halloween Mood Zones

To get in the Halloween mood here is some pictures of some great Halloween displays.

Halloween Half-Pagers: A Mad Answer to an Insane Problem

Hallowone was angry with them. After performing the ritual to end the world, it looked like they were going to succeed. Dr. Ravenclaw’s Psychotic Six at first reviled in the destruction caused by those monsters from underneath the earth. Monster inside Me, was overjoyed to finally see his monsters. The dark spell they had cast […]

Book Sighting 3

This time at Dark Delicacies in Burbank! A truly great bookstore.

Book Sighting 2

This time at Njoy Comics & Games in Northridge!

Halloween Half-Pagers: The Phantom Plays Monster Mash

The monsters came in waves. Swarms of horrible looking creatures, with one goal, the complete destruction of life. To Frankenstein and his friends, they were more upset that their get together had been interrupted then they were of their impending demise. The Wolfman went full wolf and tore into the creatures. Sam shed the last […]