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Halloween Half-Pagers: What the New Year Brings

It was the New Year and Adam breathed a sigh of relief. He had survived the monster apocalypse from the previous year, and the year before he had made it through a very terrible Halloween. Every year it was the same, an impossible situation presented itself which he had to overcome or at least survive. […]

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Hasbro Star Wars

The original is still the best.

Halloween Half-Pagers: A Christmas to Dismember

It was Christmas Eve at the Sabin house and all the little killers were asleep. Santa Claws had brought presents for the kid psychos and he knew they would be pleased. Billy Sabin only nine had pushed his best friend down a well and then dropped rocks down it to finish his pal off. For […]

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Hasbro Star Wars/ Underground Toys Doctor Who

Star Doctor and the Who Wars – The Fans Awaken

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Godzilla and Gamera Toys

It’s monster time!

Halloween Half-Pagers: What to Do When They Come For You

When they finally came for me, I had an impending sense of dread weeks before. This allowed me to prepare for them. It had all started with what looked like the end of the world. Dark ominous clouds circled the world full of black lightning and strange winds. Then the hole opened, a black portal […]

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Toy Biz Lord of the Rings Figures

The Balrog whips everyone in place.

Halloween Half-Pagers: The Hungry Horror

Sara didn’t know what to do next. The creature was pounding at the bedroom door nearly cracking the door frame. It hissed and growled, making inhuman sounds, clearly hungry for her. Panicked, she wandered through the room trapped. There was only a closet door, and a barred window, nowhere to run or hide. The door […]

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: A Whole Bunch of Aliens and One Astronaut

“Boy, do I feel out of place…” Says Captain Dallas.

Halloween Half-Pagers: Head Banging Happens

Jacob liked to bang his head against the wall all the time. A strange compulsion would come over him to find a nice bare wall and start banging away with his head. His family thought he was crazy, and he had no friends. When asked about his unusual habit all Jacob could say was he […]