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Halloween Half-Pagers: A Lost Ghost Wanders

Halloween Half-Pagers: A Lost Ghost Wanders Once there was a ghost that was lost, he couldn’t find his grave or the house he haunted. He roamed the streets invisible to all, only occasionally knocking over a trash can or two with his poltergeist power. He continued to walk through the city until he  entered the […]

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Lost in Space Models

Avengers & the Robinson family vs. giant robots &  monsters.

Halloween Half-Pagers: Good Times in the Haunted Castle

I liked wandering through the haunted castle. To climb the stone steps to the highest tower and look out at the blasted lands surrounding the castle. To descend to the deepest crypts and enter dark natural caverns that led deep into the earth. The castle was a playground to me: with its large cobweb filled […]

Grimmgraves’s Gallery Haunted Glo-Heads

These monsters are nothing but swelled head…

Halloween Half-Pagers: A Series of Screams

Karen wouldn’t stop screaming. Her cries filled the room like a blaring siren, but the monsters ignored it. In fact, they almost seemed encouraged by her fear. The creatures slowly approached her menacingly, three large hairless humanoids. Grey-brown skinned, with long limbs and even longer claws. Silently they approached her, ready to feast on their […]

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Neca Universal Monsters Bobbleheads

Talk about swelled heads…