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365 Halloween – E.O.H.F. Member #2

E.O.H.F. 2 365 Halloween

PGG back again, here to tell you about another new member to the E.O.H.F. (Esoteric Order of Halloween Fanatics) 365 Halloween. This website is a great hodgepodge of Halloween fun. The website is full of info about Halloween activities in my neck of the woods; Los Angeles, and reviews on various fright attractions there. What makes this website extra cool is all the treats on it with costume and decorating ideas, haunting Halloween recipes, and even a large collection of free online Halloween video games to enjoy. There is so much stuff on it that it would take 365 days just to go through it all. This site will definitely be the place E.O.H.F. members will hang out at during Halloween downtime because new stuff is added all year long. So visit and say trick-r-treat for what you will find there is really quite neat.

……….Professor Grimmgraves..