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A Halloween Factoid Me and My Mummy

Halloween Mummy

Here is some Halloween info for all you mummies out there…


Wrapped in cloth, a bandage like shroud,

Shambles a creepy fellow that would make any ghoul proud.

Here comes the Mummy strong and old,

Hidden since ancient times but still very bold.

Born of a curse and imprisoned in a tomb,

When freed it walks again, its discoverers doom.

Older than vampires, stronger than the zombie undead

He is the toughest walking corpse that you had ever fled.

Real monster or not, one can’t argue that they have been around longer than any other. A technique used over 10,000 years ago by ancient Egyptians; mummies were all the rage in how to bury your ruling pharaoh. This gruesome technique of gift wrapping dead bodies led to ghost stories of cursed corpses rising up to get revenge on their exhumers. It was many, many years later when mummies finally entered into the popular monster canon. Starting with Bram (Dracula) Stoker’s story “The Jewel of Seven Stars” in 1903 and then later with Universal Studio’s movie “The Mummy” in 1932. After that, there was a flood of mummy movies and works of fiction that eventually caused a shortage on wrapping gauze.

Once again it was Don Post who put out the first Mummy mask in the 50’s and was soon followed by the cheep plastic kind. Most kids though just used gauze wrap or even toilet paper to make their mummy costume. As far as window decorations go, there were only a few made starting in the late 70’s. But most people made their own mummies by bandaging up a manikin dummies. Today, he is a Halloween big boy along with his Universal Monster buddies, with displays, life size manikins, and tones of costumes. So next time you visit a museum and see a mummy, just think of it as one of the oldest Halloween decorations out there.


……….Professor Grimmgraves..

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  • TJ
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    Very interesting professor. I never knew so much about mummies! Very interesting blog. Keep the posts coming!