The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Behind the Halloween Mask: The story of this blog

One Dark Halloween Night
In the book One Dark Halloween Night, the main character Jason, tells his friends about a Halloween blog that suddenly turns into a monster conspiracy site full of evidence about Halloween creatures being real. I was two months into writing my book when talking to my brother-in-law I got the idea of making a website to advertise my novel. After learning how to make blog from YouTube videos, I thought I could now do it, but what could I put in it? Hardly anybody knew I was writing a novel, and why would strangers even care? So I thought to myself why not recreate the website referred to in the book? This got me excited, how awesome would it be to actually read the posts that Jason read that led him down the dark spooky path he ended up on. Also the site allowed me to add information on the various monsters in the story too. Thus I created this blog to be an extra bonus for the novel. If you go to the very first post and progress forward, you can see a story I am telling though this site (or Facebook page) and enjoy some supplemental stuff for the book. The blog story ends a little after the publishing of the novel on September 13th, but I continued posting because doing a Halloween blog is a lot of fun and I am going to keep at it as long as I can. So go back to the first posts and enjoy the hidden website story that descends into terror, because Halloween is nearly here.

John Kohlbrenner