Seafood - Carla Campisano & Isabella Pellegrini


By Carla Campisano & Isabella Pellegrini

  • Release Date: 2012-09-01
  • Genre: Plats


Cookbook series: Italian Food is a series of 12 volumes developed with the intention of presenting “authentic” Italian cookbooks. This is because Italian cuisine, though loved and appreciated, is often a victim of free (and sometimes imaginative) reinterpretations.    
Assets: Each volume includes 60 illustrated recipes from the Italian culinary tradition, without any re-adaptation in terms of preparation techniques or choice of ingredients (for this reason, the typical ingredients used in recipes are described and illustrated in a special section of each volume, where possible alternatives are also recommended). Quantities are indicated both following the international metric system (g, kg, dl) and the Imperial system (oz, lbs, cups). 
Contents: Roasted, grilled, fried or pan-fried, fish in Italy is prepared in many different ways and each region has its own traditions. Do you prefer the dried salt cod cooked in the Vicenza style or the mullets (vedi comment a parte) cooked in the Livorno style? Take a look at this cookbook and choose the recipe you like more.