Call me Bitch - Vol. 3 - Emma Green

Call me Bitch - Vol. 3

By Emma Green

  • Release Date: 2015-05-18
  • Genre: Thriller


Babysit for a month for a billionaire: check.
Fill up the coffers: check.
Get back to your apartment, your roommate, and your former life: check.

Now what? Without the spoiled-rotten little Birdie to fill her days, without the handsome and unbearable Jude to fill her mind, what is left for Joséphine? Time, money, and a pile of memories. Will the French girl with a strong personality really be able to behave . . . and stay far away from the dandy?
In this third installment of Call me Bitch, follow the rest of Jude and Joe’s adventures: neither has said their last word!

Call me Bitch by Emma Green: volume 3 of 6
Spin-off from Call me Babymay be read separately.
Emma Lucie Margaret Green was born in 1980 in Los Angeles. Being both French and American, she grew up between the two cultures and her novels include characters in passionate romances on both sides of the Atlantic. One Hundred Facets of Mr. Diamonds was her first book. First published electronically, it was such a success that it went on to be a bookstore bestseller. Her recent series The Billionaire's Desires appeared on bestseller lists for many weeks. After Call me Baby, Call me Bitch is her fourth series published by Addictive Publishing.