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The Haunted Houses of Halloween

Concerning aspects of haunted houses during Halloween.   With a loud creak and a distant squeak, The haunted house made a spooky sound. Home of creeps and many freaks, A place where monsters can be found. You should be daunted this place is haunted, For it rests on unhallowed ground. Don’t make a noise girls […]

Halloween Music of The Phantom of the Opera

Concerning the Halloween history of The Phantom of the Opera.   The Phantom of the Opera plays his song, Spreading terror and causing much wrong. He is a musician with a horrible face, Moves like a ghost vanishing without a trace. A monster at the organ violent at the violin, Once a famous composer who […]

Witches: The Horrid Halloween History of the Hag

Explaining the facts of witches in Halloween   Carrying a broom and sporting a pointy hat, With a boiling cauldron and a black cat. A coven of witches with hex’s to cast, Bring down dark curses both terrible and vast. Voicing sinister cackles as they perform their evil deeds, Making deadly potions and horrible meads. […]

Skeletons on Halloween – Boning up on the Facts

A historic tale of the skeletons of Halloween….   With a rattle of bones they walk through the night, Skeletal white form, so full of fright. Cast as death, you should fear them so, A scary specter used often for show. With a deadly cold grip of its bony hand, Bring forth such horror one […]

A Halloween Factoid Me and My Mummy

Here is some Halloween info for all you mummies out there…   Wrapped in cloth, a bandage like shroud, Shambles a creepy fellow that would make any ghoul proud. Here comes the Mummy strong and old, Hidden since ancient times but still very bold. Born of a curse and imprisoned in a tomb, When freed […]

The Wolf Man on Halloween Night: One Howl Away!

The Wolf Man on Halloween, what an animal….   Howling in the dark with the moon full bloom, Is a hairy creature that will become someone’s doom. He is a wild beast with a man like form, A supernatural being that is beyond the norm. Cursed and deadly, a creature once man Has become a […]

Halloween of Old

The American tradition of Halloween first began with the large wave of Irish and Scottish immigrants that came to America during the late 19th century. They brought with them the traditions of the carved lantern and the practice of walking in neighborhood streets at night in disguise asking for candy and money treats. It wasn’t […]

Halloween and the Vampire: A Late Night with Dracula

Dracula in Halloween a fangtastic story….   With fangs so sharp and teeth so red, Dracula is the king of the restless undead. Hunting his prey where there is no light, He moves in the shadows keeping out of sight. He takes the forms of bats and fog, And has even been known to appear […]

Frankenstein Forever: A Halloween Review

Here is the Halloween history of Frankenstein, but first let us start with a poem.   Frankenstein, Frankenstein, he’s our ghoul, Anyone messing with him would be a fool. He will crush your face, and rip your arm, A bolt of lightning won’t do him any harm. He is a soulless creature animated and undead, […]

In Halloween, Monsters, Monsters Everywhere!

When it comes to Halloween there is nothing cooler about the holiday then all the monsters that are about. Think about it! In a normal sane world that we live in, we devote a night every year to the celebration of beasts, ghouls, and zombies, where it is OK to dress like a vampire, or […]