The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

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Cut-Out Comments: Hey Bat Head!

“I think I’m going batty…”

Cut-Out Comments: An insecure Vampire

“My wings are bigger than yours…”

Cut-Out Comments: Dracula’s Safety Announcement

“Hey kids, just because I am undead it doesn’t mean I’m indestructible. Don’t let cars run over your legs, it really hurts!”

Cut-Out Comments: Pumpkin-mobile

“Pumpkins… Get your fresh pumpkins!”    

Cut-Out Comments: A Doctor’s Drink

“I always need a cold one after a day in the laboratory. Raising the dead is thirsty work.”

Cut-Out Comments: Smile!

A face only a mummy could love…

Cut-Out Comments: The Phantom Says…

“I’ve been a monster so long I need a mask just to look scary.”

Cut-Out Comments: Doing the Moonwalk

Boy can this werewolf dance…

Cut-Out Comments: Frank Says

“You should see the other guy. O wait, there was no other guy…”

Cut-Out Comments: Trick or Treat?

I don’t know? Dropping that bag of candy on Frankenstein’s head doesn’t seem very funny now.