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This Terrible Christmas Tree

There once was a tree that was scary, It would terrify everyone quite fairly. Decorated with monstrous displays, And many hideous dark light overlays. Something was wrong with this tree, Inspiring everyone around it to flee.

The Haunted Trunk

There was once a trunk that was haunted, With a bowl of sweet candy it often flaunted. Along with spider webs and old bones, It would make loud disturbing moans. Daring children to partake of its candy bar treasure, Its hood would slam down on their hands with pleasure. Leading the its owner to an […]

Vampires behind the Bars

Behind the bars they waited with sharp fangs bare, Undead fiends so shocking you couldn’t help but stare. Dressed in black like wearing a cloak of night, Their grinning faces would sure to cause some fright. These horrid vampires couldn’t wait to get out, Hungry for blood, “Feed me!” they would shout. But luckily for […]

Faces on the Wall

Hanging forgotten were the faces on the wall, Ghostly in appearance but not scary not at all. They were phantom like faces with burning yellow eyes, Looking like wall decorations they were actually a disguise. Fiends from another world a place where spirits roam, Looking into our world which they are hoping to call home. […]

Ghost in the Pumpkin Shell

The pumpkin was haunted and boy was it a fright, Even without a candle it still glowed with an eerie light. It moves about the porch on its own, quite a spooky sight, Strange noises it would often make all throughout the night. If you see the lantern, resist approaching it with all your might, […]

Old Ugly Face

Old Ugly Face was not a pretty sight, Her gapping smile always caused a fright. Her skin was a rotten shade of green, Her terrible complexion was quite obscene. She had dead yellow eyes and almost no nose, With an appearance that even a saint would oppose. She often said her beauty was really on […]

Scarecrow Above

Standing tall up over the crowd, Was a scarecrow that stood proud. Like a sentinel way up in the orange sky, Any higher you would think he could fly. Looking down at the ignorant mass, He waited for the time to come to pass. When he would finally walk with them down below, To prove […]

Christmas at Halloween Town

For everyone out there missing Halloween already but love Christmas too, Here are some pictures from a wonderful holiday store just for you… ….Professor Grimmgraves…….

Closed for Halloween – A Video Poem

A creepy poem by John Kohlbrenner

A Halloween that Wouldn’t Die

I consider myself a very upfront sort of guy, When I wish for a Halloween that wouldn’t die. All through November and even well into December, I would think of all the great treating that I could remember. Why should Halloween end I would ponder silently, The year is not over, it shouldn’t stop, I’d […]