The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

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The Monsters Outside

There were visitors at my window making such a noise, Creepy looking fellows comprising of both girls and boys. They were causing such mayhem outside I didn’t know what to do, Their monstrous activities were something I would never pursue. After terrorizing the neighborhood they waited on my lawn, Scared I hid in my house […]

One Dark Halloween Night Video Poem

A creepy Halloween poem by John Kohlbrenner

Funny Face Pumpkin!

Funny was the pumpkin’s face, And boy was it quite a disgrace. With its big teeth and goofy smile, An appearance that lacked any style. Carved with haste and foolish grace, Making something one should replace. So if you think this pumpkin lacks any style, Give it a chance it may grow on you in […]

The Tongue-tied Pumpkin!

There once was a large pumpkin that spoke, But before it could say anything it began to choke. Desperately it tried to convey, Something important it had to say. But people would just stand and gap, Until they heard a loud thundering snap. For the pumpkin was warning everyone to flee, Because they were standing […]

A Prologue to Halloween Night

A special treat for All Hallows’ Eve made of many a Halloween sight, Prof. Grimmgraves & Regeta Graves wish you One Dark Halloween Night!

Strange Halloween Treats!

Silently sitting on a plate ready to eat, Are some Halloween critters nice and neat. Orange in color and slimy in form, Make a dessert quite above the norm. Made from strange ingredients not quite dead, Will fill your stomach with something akin to dread. Take pause if you see them offered to you, For […]

Two Little Pumpkins

Sitting together on top of a table at night, Two little pumpkins made quite a flickering sight. Tiny candles burned brightly from within, Lighting up what looked like a sinister grin. But what secrets they held from being outside, For in the night there was something they had eyed. There were spirits about haunting the […]

Stephen King and Halloween: When the King of Horror Has His Day

A very special Halloween with Stephen King.   There is Cujo with his deadly bite, Or Charlie who will make you ignite. Creating a world of deadly plagues and a monstrous clown, Stephen King’s imagination is not a place you want to hang around. Full of powerful teenagers that can kill you with a look, […]

Cthulhu and Halloween: The Lovecraftian Nightmare before Christmas

Cthulhu Mythos in Halloween wish list.   From out of the cosmic depths of the void called outer space, Comes such hideous creatures that will destroy the human race. Made of slimy tentacles and an insect-like limb, Surviving an encounter with them is quite dim. Creatures so monstrous they would drive you insane, Arriving to […]

Modern Monsters in Horror and Halloween

Modern Monsters in Horror and Halloween   Freddy, Michael, and Jason, modern monsters of the night, Are the most horrible of fiends that will kill you on sight. Wearing old masks or damaged skin, These deadly creeps are of great sin. Relentless killers impossible to stop, Only innocent teenagers will end up on top. For […]