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Halloween Half-Pagers: Cautious Companion

David Binder always thought he was a cautious miner; he had a sense when tunnels were unstable or when air turned deadly. But with caution came narrow mindedness and he only thought of himself when it came to safety. It was the night, October 31st and he was a little short on money, so he […]

Halloween Half-Pagers: Bad Timing

I can’t stop running; it’s still after me. Why did I rob that house on Halloween? It seemed like such a great idea, dressing like a clown on the one night everyone was in costume and going on a one night crime spree. That one house was so big, a mansion, and even though it […]

Two Terrors for Halloween Night – Free!

For the rest of the week and weekend, I am giving away for free my collection of two horrifying Halloween tales as a treat for you this Halloween. They are two stories about Halloween nightmares becoming real and the children that must face them, very edge of your crypt adventures. So head over to Amazon […]

Two Terrors for Halloween Night

Greetings Halloween fanatics, now available on Amazon is an eBook collection of two short stories of the supernatural and it’s only .99 cents. Two frightful tales set on the same Halloween night as the book; One Dark Halloween Night. In fact one of the tales even explains a subplot from the novel. Do you need […]

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.33

Feeling safe now, the two hugged each other. They had just survived a very intense experience and were quite relieved to still be alive. “Well Mrs. Fillmore I think I had better get home, my mom might be worried, “ Billy blurted. “Alright Billy, but we should check to make sure there isn’t any more […]

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.32

The ripped sheet just sat there on the floor unmoving, showing no sign of life. Letting of a loud sigh, Billy went over and kicked it. It still didn’t move. “I think it really is dead now. Maybe a spirit had possessed the sheet and with it ruined, the spirit left” “Now that would be […]

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.31

“Are you all right Billy?” Mrs. Fillmore asked the scared boy as she let go of him. “It was hard to breathe in there, it was so weird. The two turned to look at the torn sheet; it was still lying on the floor looking like a shredded rag. “Do you think we killed it?” […]

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.30

As the sheet ghost shook and howled, fingers reached out from a hole in the specters body and began to tear at the opening. Mrs. Fillmore almost dropped her large knife in shock, but quickly realized that it was only Billy attempting to free himself. “Come on Billy, you can do it!” She shouted out, […]

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.29

With the large knife held out before her, Mrs. Fillmore approached the trapped boy, who struggled inside the ghost sheet. The old lady could hear Billy sobbing, his muffled voice racked with fear. Lunging out at the ghost with the knife, she tore into its sheet-like body. The ghost then let out a horrible howling […]

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.28

Like falling into a net trap, the ghost’s sheet like body quickly enveloped Billy, completely trapping the obese boy. Mrs. Fillmore felt helpless as she watched the boy struggle within the sheet. He was going to smother in there if she didn’t do something soon. Besides having a shotgun, her room had other weapons for […]