The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

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A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.27

With a roar of desperation, Billy cried out as he charged the ghost. Diving into it, he tackled the sheet phantom and knocked it to the ground. Mrs. Fillmore couldn’t believe her eyes; the extremely large and chubby boy was now sitting on top of a crumpled white sheet. Had he somehow killed it? Having […]

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.26

Frozen with fear, Billy and Mrs. Fillmore watched the sheet-like ghost slowly rise up from under the armored door. Billy couldn’t believe what he was seeing, how an old crumpled white sheet could suddenly rise up to form a humanoid like shape. It was almost mind blowing; some incredible special effect from a movie, but […]

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.25

“Billy, I appreciate your childish humor, but my self-pity is not going to save us from that ghost out there, and last I checked bullets can’t really harm spirits.” Mrs. Fillmore said as she looked at her large shotgun. “One of us might get hurt with that weapon.” Billy answered. Reluctantly the old lady set […]

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.24

“I am an avarice old lady,” complained Mrs. Fillmore. “Just as you lust after chocolate candy bars, my husband and I were greedy for money.” “Hey, at least my candy isn’t haunted!” Billy snapped back. “I know child, I am just being bitter. I am finally going to pay the price for my bad habits.” […]

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.23

“It just has to be that painting from the Winfried estate. The picture had “cursed” practically painted all over it.” Mrs. Fillmore’s eyes now looked unfocused as she thought more about it, almost completely ignoring the boy. “What does a painting have to do with a haunted sheet?” Billy asked. “It was of an empty […]

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.22

“No Billy… The ghost behind the door doesn’t want any candy, it’s after my soul.” “Wha-what do you mean?” Billy nervously asked. “It is all because of something I stole. Or more correctly, something my husband and I stole. Only he is not around to pay the price.” “What did you steal, a bed? And […]

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.21

Billy did not know what to make of Mrs. Fillmore’s sudden sadness; adult emotions were a bit out of his depth. He only liked to eat and deal with the occasional stomachache. Now the old lady he was trapped within a locked room with was completely loosing it. “I knew it, I knew it…” Mrs. […]

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.20

As Mrs. Fillmore moved in front of Billy to cover the door with her large shotgun, Billy stepped backwards, now more afraid of the old lady than the ghost. Moving away from her, he bumped into her bed and stopped. Then somehow finding that he had a little courage left in him he spoke, “Mrs. […]

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.19

Billy paused for a moment to look at the door. It was so impressive that it kind of reminded him of a bank vault. Why would Mrs. Fillmore need so much security? “Isn’t the door a bit overkill Mrs. Fillmore?” Billy asked, and in response he heard a loud click-click noise. He turned to see […]

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.18

“Quickly Billy, we need to get to my bedroom!” Mrs. Fillmore gasped out. “That thing will be up here any second!” Not waiting for the fat boy to follow, the old lady ran to her room and to her surprise, Billy was right behind her. “How will we be any safer in here?” Billy asked, […]