The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Creature from the Black Lagoon’s Halloween Spectacular?

Halloween Creature

The Creature: A Halloween history


From out of the lagoon the creature appeared,

A slimy, wet monstrosity that everyone feared.

Half man half fish was the beast’s form,

Something even in this lost swamp wouldn’t be the norm.

A monster of legend and an archeologist’s dream,

An underwater nightmare that would make swimmers scream.

Born of a prehistoric time full of inhuman thought,

Runaway everyone, fear what the creature has wrought.


First appearing in the 1954 movie The Creature from the Black Lagoon, the fish faced fiend quickly became one of the most popular monsters of all time. It took Frankenstein and Dracula decades to become America’s nightmare, this little tad pole did in mere months. It’s inhuman appearance becoming the stuff of nightmares for young kids in the fifties, so popular that it quickly spawned two other movies.

Now with Halloween, this creep is about as elusive as he is in the movie. First appearing as a Don Post Rubber mask in the early sixties and later as a much cheaper Ben Cooper costume in the seventies. His very distinct appearance made him one of the most popular boys’ costumes. With Creature decorations, they are almost nonexistent. Most being just Universal Monsters Halloween advertisements for cans of soda and other junk food, with only the Telco motionette from 1992 the only true Halloween decoration. Today there are tons of Creatures everywhere, with toys, life-size figures, and other monstrous props. As a result he currently stands shoulder to shoulder with his fellow Universal Monster brothers.

……….Professor Grimmgraves..