The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

An Excerpt from One Dark Halloween Night

An Excerpt from One Dark Halloween Night 3

“The dream I had last night could be related to what is happening in town?” Jason whispered.

Sitting at the desk next to Jason, Drake gave him a short, nervous glance. “You’re making me feel like I am in one of those horror movies. You know the one with the burned-up ghost.”

“This school is a horror movie. The teacher wants us to finish the Poe collection by Monday: 100 pages on Halloween weekend.”

Drake flashed Jason a weak grin and quietly said, “Jason, you know I’m behind you one hundred percent in just about everything, but you are getting a bit wrapped up in this. It could be nothing.”

Jason turned away from his friend and glanced over at the person sitting on the other side of him, Barbara O’Dea. The young boy admired her long blond hair and her pretty face. Jason really liked her look. She was new to the town, a cousin to Jane Alison, a fellow classmate. He hoped to get to know her soon. Daydreaming, he could not help but smile at her and a thrill of joy shot through him as she returned the smile as she absentmindedly toyed with a large charm locket hanging around her neck. This then changed to confusion as a shocked expression crossed Jason’s face. Behind her was a window that looked out at the school’s grassy field. Standing, or was it floating, at the edge of the school grounds was a person underneath a sheet, a ghost? Its black eyes looked up at him, a dead ringer of the creature from his nightmare last night. Underneath its eyes, the black circle of its mouth opened as if to moan, Jason looked away.