The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

An Excerpt from One Dark Halloween Night

An Excerpt from One Dark Halloween Night 4

Like his brother, Jason was in the middle of some convincing of his own, except Drake was a much easier target. As the spectacled kid was looking through a pile of rubber werewolf masks, Jason said, “Drake, I know you’re a bit surprised by my sudden obsession with this Halloween conspiracy, but you saw the video. The witch flew over the city hall on Main Street. You can’t take that lightly, buddy. Flying frickin’ witches!”

Drake set down a vampire cape he had been trying on and answered, “If that witch sighting is real, then believing that monsters exist just because of a few pictures and a video is a bit hard to swallow. I mean Fred is gullible enough to believe it right away, and I suspect that Walt will always think this is a joke you’re playing on us. Considering all the times you have stood up for me, I will skeptically go along with you, Jason. You backed me up, I’ll back you up.”

The Jason flashed a thank-you smile and shook hands with Drake. This was followed with a frown as he thought out loud, “You guys haven’t been too hard to convince, but getting other people to believe…”

“Like the mayor?” Drake interrupted.

“Yes the mayor, the police, our parents,” Jason continued, “we need more evidence and pictures. We also have to check out some of the spooky places around town such as the old factory buildings, and even Hester’s Creep House.”

“I’m telling you baby, Hester’s Creep House,” Malcolm proclaimed proudly, “is the perfect place for a Halloween party!”

With Malcolm’s loud insistence, a shocked silence filled the store. Everyone from behind the various aisles now stared at him, their mouths gapped. The infamous Hester’s Creep House was a taboo in this town, a place desperately avoided. Malcolm quickly became angry and shouted, “Everybody, go back to your shopping!”