The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

An Excerpt from One Dark Halloween Night

An Excerpt from One Dark Halloween Night
Taking a deep breath, Jason searched his surroundings, in all directions. Extending as far as he could see were dirty, gray, crumbling tombstones. Some covered in weeds, others toppled over into a pile of rubble. All of them so worn by the weather that it was hard to read the names and dates on them. The place was a home to the forgotten and its neighbor, the town of Autumnville, probably didn’t even have a single decedent buried here. Jason searched for landmarks among the endless plots of gravestones in order to guide him out. There wasn’t much, only a few broken statues, pillars, and off in the distance an old mausoleum. Feeling frustrated he decided to backtrack down the long road the Jeep had taken. He doubted there was any faster way out of the cemetery; no, it would take him at least a half hour to reach the exit he guessed.
Setting a fast pace, Jason sprinted down the graveyard road. While passing a number of rows of tombstones, he stopped as he noticed a white shape standing behind a monolith like pillar.
“Malcolm is that you trying to scare me now?” Jason called out. He gasped when a white sheet in the form of a ghost came forward. It was similar to the one he had seen earlier at school and the one from his dreams the night before. Its black eyes looked at him with an inhuman stare as it approached him, and Jason sensed danger.
“Ok ghost, did you follow me from school? You could get in trouble for stalking children or is it haunting children?” Jason taunted as he calmly started walking again. His eyes stayed on the ghost the whole time as it followed parallel to him.
“Hey come on, I don’t want any trouble! I was brought here against my will. I promise I won’t mess with your graves.” He was feeling tense now. He stopped again when he saw there were more of them. A dozen ghosts revealed themselves from behind gravestones. They were all made of white sheets and night black eyes like black pits leading into infinity.